Cloovy was created by Angel Padilla, a business and marketing student, Angel currently lives in Ocala, Florida. 

Why did I create Cloovy? 

As a business and marketing student, I have been curious about this undergoing phenomenon of the internet, and decided to dedicate this website to all of the real ones, (you). This website is for you, it's your store, I hope it reaches your heart, and that you also love your clothing, as much as I love mine! I am always adding items, items that I would love to wear, or that I have seen around, and was like "hey that looks really nice!". This one is for you, I am dedicated and passionate about making you happy.

I once had a client ask me if I could make him a t-shirt that he saw his brother-in-law wear for Christmas as an ugly Christmas sweater, and he could not find it anywhere on the internet. I quickly got to work, and made it for him. Rest assured, he loved it! But more importantly, I loved having a role in creating that special moment for him, moments like those are why we do things, we do it because we have a kind heart, and what makes me happy is making you happy. You can find the sweater I made for him here:

We currently ship to all around the world, if you are wondering how long it takes, that depends on the location, for most orders being sent to the United States, that takes a maximum of 14 days. Usually it takes less, and for orders being sent to other regions of the world, it may take 28 days at most, all depending on your post office, and other factors.

We love providing great clothing items to our clients, our movement, our everything, because without you, we would be nothing.

We are always looking for feedback, if you see something that you like, but you haven't seen at our store, please email it to us, 

See something that you want made? Email us. See something that you don't like? Email us. Any questions? Email us.  We truly appreciate your feedback! 


Angel Padilla

Founder of Cloovy